General Presentation

The CIMR Centre was founded in 1993, as an academic interdisciplinary research entity – part of the A&C in the University Politehnica of Bucharest, having full strategic and economic autonomy, strongly connected to industry, with the primary mission of carrying out research in important areas for the Romanian economy:

  • cognitive robotics;
  • AI and robotics in manufacturing and services;
  • holonic manufacturing control systems;
  • SOA for enterprise management and control;
  • multi-agent systems in discrete, repetitive process control;
  • fractal techniques in medical image processing and material quality control;
  • environment modelling and feature-based description through 2D and 3D image processing and laser scanning.

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The main goal of the CIMR Centre is to promote the science base in product-driven automation, ICT, robotics, intelligent manufacturing systems, and SOA for Enterprise. The CIMR Centre is recognized as Excellence Centre by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation (MECI) and the National Council High Education Scientific Research since 2002, and certified as research institution by the National Authority of Scientific Research since 2008.

The CIMR Centre includes 18 university professors, associate and assistant professors, 36 PhD students and 4 research engineers from the "Automation and Industrial Informatics" Departments of the Automatic Control and Computers faculty (A&C) within the University Politehnica of Bucharest. The mission of the CIMR centre is the strategic combination of education, research and innovation, which are keys to achieving knowledge based society and economy. Creating knowledge by scientific research – fundamental and applied, sharing knowledge through education, disseminating and transferring knowledge to industry using ICT and technical innovation are elements that define the activity of the CIMR Centre.

The main research projects of CIMR in the last years were in the areas:

  • Cognitive and collaborative technology systems in robotics;
  • Intelligent embedded systems and wireless sensor & actuator networks for production planning, scheduling, control and monitoring;
  • High-speed, real time image processing and 3D in line surface reconstruction;
  • SOA for agile enterprise management and control based on multi-agent systems;
  • Product-driven holonic manufacturing systems with semi-heterarchical topology;
  • High Performance Computing for complex modelling, fractal techniques and interdisciplinary applications.

Global results in R&D and education: 46 private and public funded research projects and grants at national level; 6 international research grants; cooperation conventions with more than 30 universities from EU and USA; more than 160 student and faculty exchanges with EU universities; 12 international conferences, symposia, workshops and summer schools organised; publications: 62 monographs, 1100 scientific papers, 16 patents.

Four CIMR Laboratories, providing research infrastructure:

  • Robotics and AI: hosts a multi-agent, robot-vision holonic manufacturing platform;
  • Cloud Computing: cloud platform for services virtualization;
  • Real-time control systems: intelligent embedded devices, multi-processor systems, RTOS;
  • Data acquisition, processing and transmission: LAN, RFID, fault-tolerant communication.